Agam Montessori – A welcoming space that enables self-confidence & independence

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Agam is a private Montessori preschool in Kottur Gardens, Chennai for ages 1.6 to 2.6 years and 2.6 to 6 years, offering primary programs keeping the principles of Dr Montessori’s philosophy as their core of learning. At Agam, the children are shown to work with materials that not only support their movement & engage their senses but that which will allow them to explore, thereby quenching their intellectual thirst. This journey of self-discovery is led by an able trio of Montessori trained teachers with 25 + years of experience put together, who excel in catering to each child’s interests, abilities and needs in their primary years.



Hear what our parents have to say!

As first time parents, we were anxious to make the right choice for our child’s schooling. When we met with Preetha and Anjana, we realised how experienced and passionate they are about the true Montessori system. They are very invested in each and every child and that makes all the difference. Vidyuth is encouraged to grow at his own pace and that gives him the confidence to learn with a strong foundation. The comfort and enthusiasm with which he goes to school each day gives us the faith that he is in good hands. We have been able to see a wonderful transformation in him since he started schooling at Agam.

Aishwarya Rohin

We have been sending our child to Agam, right from its inception, and have seen her grow into an independent, curious and outspoken little girl. She enjoys her time there and adores her teachers. We have seen the attention and care given to her, and that made it so much easier on us, knowing that she is left in capable hands everyday. We really like the location and the layout of the school, how clean it is, and how well trained the staff are. The teachers are on top of everything, they write notes about each child everyday after careful observation, and even take the time out to organise counselling sessions for parents just starting to send their children to school. It’s telling, that our daughter tries to converse about her activities, teachers and friends when she comes home. 

Sonali Manavalan

Our 2.5 year old daughter has been going to Agam for the past 6 months and that has been one of the best decisions we’ve taken for her and ourselves. Starting with bringing routine and discipline in her life, the Montessori approach at Agam has caused some significant developments in her. She has grasped the concept of work, basic responsibilities, how to act in a social setting and how to express herself well through them. They also guided us and her through potty training and what I’ve heard is quite a task was broken down so well for us by these experts. Our main focus for our daughter was to ensure that her learning is joyful and something she’s very excited about and Agam has truly exceeded our expectations in every aspect.